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The Habitat Homeownership Steps

Teton Habitat partners with families and individuals in a homeownership program to build simple, decent, and truly affordable housing in Teton County, Wyoming. Teton Habitat builds and sells homes at no profit and no interest. Applications are accepted year-round. 


Teton Habitat does not offer short-term housing, rental housing, or immediate occupancy.

Teton Habitat works on a "hand up, not a handout" philosophy. The Homeowner Selection Committee evaluates applications based on the following:

1) Need for housing

2) Ability to pay

3) Willingness to partner with Teton Habitat

It's the third and last item that sets us apart and has the strongest and farthest-reaching impact. Willingness to partner means that all future Teton Habitat homeowners must complete at least 500 sweat equity hours building their homes, complete over 25 hours of homeowner education programs, and pay approximately $3,500.00 toward their mortgage closing costs.


The sweat equity requirement pairs homeowners side-by-side on the building site with our construction crew and volunteers from our local community.

The Habitat Homeownership Steps explains the process of submitting an application and the steps as units become available for sale. We encourage those who qualify to apply and feel that this program is right to submit their application as soon as possible. Once submitted, you will get a notification via email when a unit becomes available for sale.

Teton Habitat homes are

deed-restricted as follows:

  • Occupancy and rental restrictions apply.

  • If a Habitat homeowner sells their home, Teton Habitat has the right to purchase the home to re-sell it to a newly qualified family.

  • Home sale prices are fixed; Habitat homeowners don't make financial gains due to overall gains in the real estate market.

  • Homes are sold at 0% interest, 30-year fixed mortgages originated by Teton Habitat.

Habitat Homeownership Steps 

Teton Habitat accepts applications year-round. Applicants will receive a notification via email when a unit becomes available for sale and be prompted to the next step in the Application Process. If you qualify to apply, submit your application for a Habitat Home today!

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Do you Qualify to Apply?

See if you and your family qualify to apply for a Habitat Home. Teton Habitat uses the Median Family Income (MFI) chart to determine eligibility to apply for a Habitat Home. For any questions or concerns please contact the Homeowner Service Manager.


Submit your Application
(Open Year-Round)

If you qualify to apply for a Habitat Home and feel that this program is right for you and your family, submit your application today. Applications are accepted year-round. Click down below to view the Application Process.


Unit for Sale

Please insure that we have your current email address. You will receive a notification via email when a unit is open for sale. If you are interested in the unit, you will be asked to submit your financial verification documents by the set deadline.

Ready to get started?

Check to see if you qualify to apply or sign up for our next homeowner's learning session.

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