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Break A Sweat for a Good Cause This Summer

While summer is short in Teton County, the beautiful weather and longer days allow Teton Habitat construction to accelerate. Indeed, summer is our prime building season—a time to create lasting impact. In order to really make gains during the summer, we need helping hands. That is where our fantastic volunteers come into play.

It takes a community to build truly affordable housing in Teton County. And our volunteers are critical to lower construction costs. We hope that you will consider joining us for what remains of the summer to make a difference in the lives of your fellow community members. 

No construction skills? Not necessary, we can teach you. The Teton Habitat team will provide you with the necessary training and guidance, empowering you to step outside and embrace the rewarding experience of breaking a sweat for a worthy cause.

Stuck indoors at your day job? Many organizations offer paid time off for volunteering. Or better yet, bring your whole office with you for a team-building experience that gives back to the community.

Sign up to volunteer or set up a team-build day here.  For questions, contact our Volunteer Manager at


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