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Habitat Success Story- Meet the Jimenez Family

At Teton Habitat, we believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live. Through donations, volunteering, and the support of our community, we are able to provide truly affordable housing in Teton County. 

In 2015, Habitat built four townhomes in the Daisy Bush subdivision located in East Jackson. The land was purchased from St. John’s Medical Center. This month, we are excited to feature a Habitat family who is still thriving in their home. 

Rosalba and Juan Jimenez and their three children were excited about their Habitat home, as it allowed them to realize two dreams – to own a home of their own and to stay in Jackson, an area they love due to its beauty and tranquility. Born in Tlaxcala, Mexico, Juan has lived in the United States for 30 years. He has lived in Jackson for over 10 years.

Before purchasing their Habitat home, they lived in a small, two bedroom, one bathroom house.The two teenagers (boy and girl) shared one bedroom while Juan, Rosalba, and their youngest child shared the other bedroom. The house was poorly insulated. 

Juan is a custodian for the Teton County School District and also works part-time as a laborer for Architectural Stone and Tile. Rosalba is a homemaker and enjoys caring for her family and making crafts for her loved ones. Together, they enjoy spending time with their children in their own home. 

The Jimenz’s monthly rent was $1200. Their monthly mortgage, including loan payment, land lease, property taxes, and homeowner insurance, is now $570. Habitat partner families put in 500 hours of their own ‘sweat equity’, save for a downpayment, and take monthly homeowner classes.

It is through donations that we can build truly affordable homes for families like the Jimenez’s, and it is through the help of our volunteers that these homes become a reality. You can donate directly to Teton Habitat HERE, or Volunteer HERE.


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