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Teton Habitat Homeowner Supports Northern South Park

“Having partnered with Habitat throughout the home building process, I have witnessed the efficacy with which Habitat constructs affordable homes here in Teton County. While their projects are phased over a period of several years, there is no other organization, developer, or entity that can or does build as affordably as Habitat for Humanity, thanks to their homeowner-invested building, volunteer support, financial support from private entities, and support from community donors.” - Anika Youcha, a Teton Habitat Homeowner explains why she supports development of Northern South Park. 

Anika Youcha has lived in Teton County for nearly 24 years. She is a mother, artist, former Yellowstone kayak guide and river guide, contributor to local nonprofits, and a nonprofit employee of five years. Anika’s daughter attends Jackson Hole Middle School and her mother is a resident at Sage Living. Anika is invested in her community and is honored to be a Teton Habitat Homeowner. 

“I have been in my Habitat home in the Grove for nearly three years, and the impact it has had on the life of me and my daughter has already been beyond measure. This truly affordable home has allowed me to grow in my professional career without sacrificing my integrity, spend quality time in a safe and judgment-free space with my daughter and our kitty. Without the opportunity provided by Habitat, I likely would no longer call Jackson home.”

Anika fully supports all affordable housing projects, and is in full support of the Northern South Park plan that allows Teton Habitat and the Housing Trust to build 70% of the homes on the property.

Teton Habitat has a proven track record of building beautiful, efficient, safe, and truly affordable homes for the hardworking people of Teton County.

Habitat homeowners like Anika, as well as the Teton Habitat Board, team, and community, believe that this opportunity will allow many deserving members of Teton County to benefit from the potential homes in Northern South Park. 

Stay updated on news of Northern South Park HERE. And hear from Patty Lummis, Habitat board member and longtime resident of Jackson Hole, on why Teton Habitat is ready for the Northern South Park Challenge in this recent JH News & Guide Guest shot.


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