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December Parkside Construction Update

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

November was an incredible month on the job site. Mostly good weather provided the opportunity for progress on the first two phases of construction. Buildings 445 and 447, the first to be built, are now fully sided and dried in, ready for volunteers this winter. Thanks to our Construction Partner of the Month, JJ Corona Builders, the second phase – buildings 455 and 465 – have gone from foundations to fully framed structures. The Habitat team will look to put a roof on these buildings later this month.

One other large change on the site is the flow path of the ditch. With the culverts closed for the winter, Fish Creek Excavation was able to fill the current ditch is re-routing the flow around the property. When the reroute of the ditch is complete, Habitat will be able to prepare the site for the third and final phase of the project.

JJ Corona Builders were brought on-site to frame buildings 455 and 465. They are incredibly hard-working guys who have been building at a great pace, ensuring we stay on track with our timeline. We are excited to have them on-site as part of the crew and look forward to continuing our partnership with them. Thank you JJ Corona Builders!


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