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Habitat Mother & Daughter on Wyoming Public Radio

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

“Our house… it’s changed our family, I know where you girls are going to grow up. We have a sense of continuity and you know what home is and where home is.” -Primm Loudenslager discusses her family’s Teton Habitat home with her daughter Rory on Wyoming Public Radio.

The Loudenslager family have always felt a very special connection with Jackson Hole. They met in the area, they were married on the shores of Jackson Lake, and both their children, Loreley and Heika, were born here. Before being accepted into the Habitat program, they lived in a small 2-bedroom subsidized apartment and a large portion of their income went toward rent. 

When asked if she remembered their old apartment, Rory says “I slept on the floor on a mattress.” 

James and Primm’s Habitat Home provides more space for their children to grow. Once they were settled, the girls started moving more than they ever had before. They started dancing, jumping, and running, whereas in their old apartment, there wasn’t enough space for any movement. 

Like all Teton Habitat homeowners, the Loudenslager family participated in homeowner education and completed 500 hours of “sweat equity.” Rory reminisces about bringing her parents pies while they worked on the house. 

Listen to the full heartwarming segment about what it has meant to this family to own a home from Wyoming Public Media HERE

Teton Habitat supports our community and our permanent workforce. It is through donations that we can build truly affordable homes for families like the Espejels, and it is through the help of our volunteers that these homes become a reality. You can donate directly to Teton Habitat HERE, or Volunteer HERE.


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