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Habitat Success Story- Meet the Moyers

Teton Habitat partners with families and individuals in a homeownership program to build decent and truly affordable housing in Jackson, WY and the surrounding areas. Once accepted into the program, future homeowners build their home in partnership with Habitat supporters and volunteers, participate in a homeowner education program, save towards closing costs, and eventually pay an affordable mortgage. This month, we are excited to feature The Moyers

Nicolle Moyer and her daughter Afton became Habitat homeowners in October of 2018 at The Grove. Nicole works for Bank of Jackson Hole and loves to give back to her community. Prior to being selected, they lived in a handicap accessible apartment unit. If it was needed for someone with a disability at any time, they would have had to move and would not be guaranteed another unit to live in. In their new Habitat home, Nicole and Afton now spend evenings making dinner and doing homework.

“A home is more than a rock to sleep under. It is a place for personal growth, making memories and loving one another.” – Nicolle Moyer. 

It is through donations that we can build truly affordable homes for families like the Moyers, and it is through the help of our volunteers that these homes become a reality. You can donate directly to Teton Habitat HERE, or Volunteer HERE.


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