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Habitat Success Story- Munguia Fuentes Family

“Having a home for us was a dream where our family could live safely and comfortably. Today we give thanks to Habitat for making that dream come true. Thank God for taking care of our family, for giving us love and health.” - The Munguia Moreno Family

Erica Munguia Fuentes moved to Jackson over 18 years ago to find a good job and a better life. While in Jackson, she reconnected with her son Flavio, who had recently moved from Mexico.  Like many families, Erica and Flavio found they could not afford Teton County housing prices. To make ends meet, they were living in overcrowded conditions, sharing space with other individuals to cover the monthly rent. On top of the costs and overcrowding, the heating system did not work properly, causing health issues for Erica. 

Erica works in town as a housekeeper and Flavio is a line cook for a local restaurant. After years of struggling, they contacted Teton Habitat for help. “We wanted help finding a more peaceful, safe, and stable home. The people at Teton Habitat were kind and helped us understand the process.”  

“With Habitat we had more affordable options and more reasonable payments. They are the organization that has helped us the most in Jackson.” Since moving into their Habitat home at The Grove, which Erica describes as a friendly, central community, life has been easier. The family feels calmer, and everyone has more space. In their free time, the Munguia Morenos enjoy going on walks in the mountains around Jackson.

Teton Habitat supports our community and our permanent workforce. It is through donations that we can build truly affordable homes for families like the Munguia Morenos, and it is through the help of our volunteers that these homes become a reality. You can donate directly to Teton Habitat HERE, or Volunteer HERE.


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