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Habitat Success Story: The Allison Family

“Teton Habitat allows families that are a vital part of our community’s work force to feel secure in their homes and housing situation, to make long term plans as members of the community, and feel the pride of being a true part of our community.” - Robin Allison, a Habitat homeowner, describes why Teton Habitat is important in our community.

Robin Allison was born in Jackson and has lived here for 63 years. She discovered Teton Habitat through former president Jimmy Carter’s work with Habitat for Humanity as an “advocate, active fundraiser and…construction volunteer.” (source: Habitat for Humanity). 

After losing  her home in a divorce, Robin struggled to pay rent and have enough money to feed herself and her 10 year-old son. Prior to being accepted into the Habitat program, Robin didn’t qualify for other affordable housing options. Like many local residents, Robin works a full time job. 

The Allison finally found a sense of belonging and place when they moved into their Habitat home in Melody Ranch in 2004. Because Habitat homes are truly affordable, homeowners pay no more than 30% of their income toward mortgage payment, taxes, homeowners' insurance, homeowners' association dues, and any land lease fee. Robin’s salary could now cover the family's living expenses. “It was a weight off my shoulders, the money I earned could cover my housing costs, food and health costs, and much more.” With the reasonable mortgage and housing costs, Robin was able to invest in her education and obtained a master’s degree. 

Nearly 19 years later, Robin and her son are still living and thriving in Jackson. “I was born in Jackson, and thanks to Teton Habitat, I have been able to live in a place I have always called home. Because of Teton Habitat, I was able to raise my son here and better myself professionally. I believe in the mission and my family is living proof of the impact this organization has for working people in our community.” 

Teton Habitat supports our community and our permanent workforce. It is through donations and the help of our volunteers that truly affordable homes for families in Teton County become a reality. You can donate directly to Teton Habitat HERE, or Volunteer HERE.


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