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Phase 2 Homeowner Selection for Parkside at Benson-Brown Station

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Teton Habitat is excited to report that we have selected 6 families and 3 alternates for Phase 2 of the Parkside at Benson-Brown Station. 

The selection process for the second six homeowners for this project began by informing our “active” pool of applicants of the income verification document deadline. 33 applications were submitted by our deadline of June 28, 2023. All applications and income verification documents were reviewed by the Homeowner Services Manager and submitted to a sub-committee for review and approval. The subcommittee then recommended 12 applications for Homeowner Selection Committee review. 

Fourteen homeowner selection committee members participated in an anonymized round of selection. The selection criteria included need, ability to pay, and willingness to partner.  All selected applicants are required to do 500 hours of sweat equity, attend homebuyer education courses, and save for their closing costs.  Teton Habitat sells homes to selected applicants through a zero per cent interest, 30-year fixed mortgage. 

Chosen applicants from our community include:

  1. A 20-year resident of Teton County, a single parent with 2 kids currently living in a 1 bedroom/ 1 bathroom rental with many issues. 

  2. A 25-year resident of the Valley, a single parent with 4 kids currently living in a 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom rental with threats of eviction. 

  3. A 16-year off/on Teton County resident, a single parent who has moved nine times in the last year. 

  4. A 22-year resident in Teton County, single parent of 1, whose lease ends in October. 

  5. A 22-year Teton County resident, single parent of 3 whose lease ends in November.

  6. A 22-year resident, single parent of 1 with rent continually increasing. 

Chosen applicants for Phase 2 of the Parkside at Benson-Brown Station have been notified of their selection. Some have already begun their sweat equity hours. The Teton Habitat staff, Board of Directors and Selection Committee Members are thrilled to bring truly affordable and safe housing to 6 more families in Teton County. 

Phase 3 homeowners will be selected early next year, which will complete this 18 unit, single-family housing neighborhood. 

Learn more about his project HERE. 

Learn how you can get involved HERE. 


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