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September Parkside Construction Update

The Habitat construction team has been on a roll this last month! In four weeks, they framed most of the interior walls in building two and started installing Zip sheathing around the lower part of the building. Additionally, the team spent 12 hours installing the SIP (structural insulated panel) roof on August 10th. This consisted of lifting 15 panels (1000lbs each) onto the roof then slipping them into place by hand and fastening them down individually before moving to the next.

While the team transitions to installing interior walls in building two, Fish Creek Excavation dug out two foundations for buildings three and four. These foundations coincide with the next six families being selected for homeownership and will be ready for vertical construction as the families come to the job site for their sweat-equity hours.

The Habitat Construction Partner of the Month for September is Bressler Insulation. Bressler Insulation has been a longtime supporter of Teton Habitats construction work and regularly donates products we use to insulate tight spaces inside our units, such as expanding foam insulation. Their donations reduce the cost of building for Habitat and their products reduce heating and AC costs for homeowners. Thank you, Bressler!


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