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September ReStore Update

It’s been a busy month in the ReStore with a lot of changes taking place. First, the ReStore is excited to have a new Point of Sale system called ThrifCart. This system is geared specifically for thrift stores and more than half of the ReStores in the nation are now using it. As we continue to work with ThiftCart we will be adding new features to help our mission and efficiency.

Along with the new POS system, we have also started a Customer Loyalty Rewards program. To sign up we just need you name and phone number. Every $5 you spend earns a point and every 100 points gets $5 off your next purchase and points do not expire! To sign up, see an associate in the ReStore or email

On top of that, the ReStore started a new partnership with GreenSheen. GreenSheen operates out of Denver Colorado and recycles paint as a small-batch, eco-friendly option. Contractors, individuals, and other companies drop off to them and they recycle it in their warehouse which then ships worldwide. The recycled ‘new’ paint is then repackaged into appropriate-sized containers (1 gallon cans or 5 gallon buckets) and sent to the ReStore for sale. Our shelves are currently stocked with 18 color options as well as white.

Finally, The EPA has released new guidelines on light bulb efficiency. Light bulbs must have 45 lumens to every watt, because of this we are now only taking LED bulbs to ensure we are keeping up with more eco-friendly guidelines.


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