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Parkside Homeowner Update

Affordable homeownership is the focus and end result of the work collectively done at Teton Habitat. The Homeowner Services team is in full swing this summer, managing multiple facets of Teton Habitats homeownership program. 

First, our Phase 1 (first six units) homebuyers, who were previously selected, are going through their Homebuyer Education Classes while also working on the job site to fulfill their sweat equity hours – 500 in total! 

While this is happening, applicants for Phase 2 (the next six units) are being reviewed by our selection committee this month. Once selected, Habitat will welcome the next six partner families as they begin to work on their sweat equity this winter. 

Finally, our application portal is open for anyone interested in applying for Phase 3 at Parkside which includes the final six units of our project. These units will come up for sale in Summer/Fall 2024 with an expected completion date in Spring/Summer 2025.

Learn about the homeowner process with Teton Habitat Here. 


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