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January Construction Update

The Habitat construction crew is known for building new, truly affordable housing for Teton County community members. Did you know they also refurbish Habitat units after a buyback, before Habitat re-sells them to a new family?

The Habitat construction team was deployed to Melody Ranch to do refurbishing work on a repurchased home. The team, along with volunteers and the selected homebuyer, have removed all damaged siding, drywall, flooring, and subflooring. Over the next couple of weeks, they will replace and repaint these surfaces.

Meanwhile, critical infrastructure work continues at Parkside. Fish Creek Excavation has been tying the new construction into the town’s water and sewer lines. For safety and efficiency purposes, Habitat will continue to focus our efforts on Melody Ranch until most of the trenching work is complete.

Thank you to Lopez Plumbing for their endless support of Habitat, making sure only the highest quality work goes into our new units at Parkside! 


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